Our Mile stones

  • 1975 - 1980

    SWA organised Miss Singapore World, Miss Singapore International and Miss Singapore Asia

  • 1975

    Maggie Sim won the Miss Personality title in the Miss World Contest in London in November 1975. The winner of this title is voted in by all the delegates. The prize is a "Sunshine" coach which we donated it to the Singapore Retarded Children's Home (Intellectually Disabled children)

  • 1976

    Pauline Cheong got into the top 15 places in the Miss World Contest in London. Jacqueline Stuart won the Miss Asia title in the Miss Asia Quest held in the Philippines

  • 1977

    Helen Ng was the 2nd runner up in the Miss Asia Quest held in the Philippines.Singapore won the trophy for raising the largest amount for charity among the 70 countries in Miss World Contest. The prize money of Pound 1,000 offered by the International Variety Club, an organization well-known for its contribution towards underpriviledged and handicapped children and the prize money was for the benefit of children.

  • 1977

    Theresa Leu brought home the "Lady's First" Trophy from the Miss International Beauty Pageant held in Japan. The title is not the opinion of the judges but it was the TV viewers who gave Miss Singapore the title when they watched each contestant appear on TV to greet the viewers in their own special way. Within 10 minutes, viewers called in to the TV Station to vote and Miss Singapore had more than 500 out of the 900 votes.

  • 1977

    Living Magazine, August 1977, stated that SWA have "embarked upon a new endeavour - organising and promoting the Miss Singapore/Miss World beauty pageant, and lending to it a new dimension in such contests - Beauty with a Purpose."

  • 1978

    Mrs Seow, SWA was appointed a judge among 8 other international VIPs for the Miss World Contest at Royal Albert Hall, London

  • 1981

    SWA organised Miss Singapore International and Miss Singapore Young International

  • 1982

    Quote from the late Dr Ee Peng Liang, then President, Singapore Council of Social Service - "The Singapore Women's Association, which also merits our citation by turning beauty contests into worthy social projects...."

  • 2004

    Miss Singapore International was nominated and shortlisted for the Innovative Fundraising Innovative Award by NVPC (National Volunteer and Philantrophy Centre)

  • 2010

    Miss Singapore International 2008, Miss Tok Wee Ee initiated Project Literacy and volunteered in a village school in Nepal with her cousin, Miss Alice Ang and a friend to help better teach English.Miss Singapore International 1999, Ms Janice Koh co-chair the 2010 Miss Singapore International Charity Dinner

  • 2012

    Miss Singapore International 2011, Miss Stella Kae initiated Project CAN to collect and distribute food to the needy families.Miss Singapore International 2010, Miss Kyla Tan Yong Ying co-chair the 2012 Miss Singapore International Charity Dinner. Miss Singapore International rebrands, changes tagline to "Beauty with Heart" to be more aligned with our purpose and activities

Miss International

The history of the Miss International Beauty Pageant spans around half a century of the passion and energy of delegates from around the world who have sought to "contribute to global society."

Miss International began in 1960 in Long Beach, California, where it was staged until 1967, before moving to Japan from 1968-1970 to commemorate the Osaka World Expo (the 1968 Pageant was held at the Nippon Budokan, with the "Ginza Parade" from Hibiya Park to Nihonbashi received to great acclaim). This led to it being staged in Japan every year from 1972 onward. What is more, Miss International contestants have appeared at every international expo held in Japan so far, lending glamour to the venue.

This year, the Beauty Pageant taking place in Chengdu, China as the pre-event for the Shanghai World Expo 2010 ranks as the core event of international goodwill activities in China, which is enjoying spectacular economic growth.

Under the slogans of "achieving world peace through mutual understanding" and "proper understanding of Japan in a globalized society," the Miss International Beauty Pageant has grown into a quasi-national event, so that it is now known as the "Olympics of Beauty." The aim of this "Beauty Festival" is for each delegate to compete not on external beauty alone, but as popular-level diplomats who proactively carry out international exchange activities such as exchange with the regional community and the Miss International Forum, as well as social contribution activities such as charity events and ecology campaigns.

By a strange twist of fate, this year's Pageant too will be held in Sichuan Province, China, which last year experienced the greatest natural disaster on record, and will see the coming together of "Goodwill Ambassadors of Beauty" representing around 60 countries and regions with an abundant spirit of goodwill. This year too, a new history of the Miss International Beauty Pageant will be carved out by the delegates abounding in goodwill and energy.

The Organizers

The SWA, which started as a Girls’ Club – Siglap Girls’ Club in 1954, became women’s club in 1960.

Her original aim was to serve the needs of under-privileged girls.

After the People’s Association took over all activities for the Youth Movement, the Club concentrated on its senior members. Her name was changed to Singapore Women’s Association.

SWA was also known as Persekutuan Wanita Singapura during the days of Singapore’s merger with Malaysia.

Since its inception, SWA had been rendering voluntary services with the aim of helping to make Singapore a peaceful, happy and prosperous homeland for Singaporeans. They had initiated several programmes and undertaken many projects to achieve the aim of creating a better quality of life for everyone. Some of them were: Ensuring better living for slum and kampong dwellers through proper use of the modern amenities and facilities provided by the Housing Development Board. Promoting understanding, tolerance and co-operation among the various races in Singapore.

Encouraging the wise choice of some of the Asian values and customs for retention, and the selective adoption of modern, western cultures.Promoting closer relationship among members of the family. Assisting the authorities to reduce crime, delinquency and supporting community projects.

Rendering services to the various sectors of the community like the senior citizens, youth, women and the handicapped, the sick and underprivileged. Fostering good international relations especially among women.

In the 4th quarter of 1992, SWA relocated its office premises from Tan Boon Liat Building at Outram Road to Serangoon Central. Mr Chin Harn Tong, then MP for Aljunied GRC officially opened the premise on 25th April 1993.SWA has moved with the times but, essentially, it still renders community services with the aim of ensuring a better quality of life for everyone.

The policy of SWA is to be always alert and sensitive to the needs of our community and to plan our activiites so that we would in our small way meet some of the more urgent need of the time.

The Beauty Pageant

Programme & Objectives

The Singapore Women’s Association (SWA) has been organising beauty pageants since 1975 and is the first organisation to raise funds for the needy. The funds raised have benefited many underprivileged children, old folks and the community. For the past 20 years. SWA has been the organiser of the Miss Singapore/Miss International beauty pageant.

The theme of the pageant, "Beauty With Heart" encapsulates the true meaning behind the programme, which is to provide for the underprivileged through charity. We are also the first to organise a series of beauty pageants such as:

Our Founding President, Mrs Seow Peck Leng had in those days worked hard to change the image of beauty pageants and SWA has continued to adhere to the following objectives:

To raise funds for a worthy cause To encourage ladies endowed with beauty to make use of this gift and any talents they may have for a worthy cause To train the younger generation to be civic conscious and to instil in them a sense of civic responsibility and a desire to render service to the less fortunate To give as many young ladies as possible a chance to enrich their personality and knowledge; improve their appearance, poise and posture, and especially to further improve their human relations To give the ladies a chance to meet and live with people of other countries to promote goodwill, friendship, respect and tourism for Singapore

Charity Proceedings & Beneficiaries

All nett proceeds from the beauty pageants held by the Singapore Women's Association have been donated to charity for our beneficiaries. Besides generating funds, such contests also provide the opportunity for young girls to be exposed to community services. It serves as a means of focusing attention on the social responsibilities and obligations which organizations and individuals have to undertake in the service of othersNot only are the ladies made aware of the needs of the less fortunate and handicapped but they also learn how best these people can be helped. The contestants are taken to various homes like those of the sick, handicapped, the retarded and the aged. Such personal visits will, it is hoped, instil in our young self-discipline, self respect and compassion.